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Luminary takes an integrated whole-body & mind approach to optimize health naturally.  We use state-of-the-art genomics and predictive intelligence coupled with advanced health science to create a personalized holistic health experience for every person through all stages of their life journey.


No two bodies are the same nor is there a single gene that makes you fit or overweight.  When it comes to lifestyle and fitness, the one size fits all principal doesn't work.  Your cellular structure can inform you of exactly what your body needs to achieve optimum performance.  The complex interaction between your epigenetics and your environment, diet, and lifestyle dictates your overall health and fitness.   

  • Eliminate trial and error to find out your ideal nutrition and fitness program for optimal health

  • Identify food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies

  • Crack your DNA code to reveal your body's ideal intake of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins



As genetic research evolves, we learn that genes play a grander role in our health than just determining hair and eye color.  With advances in DNA health, epigenetics, and the study of biological mechanisms, we now know how to turn good genes on and bad ones off.  We know through diet and lifestyle, how to optimize physical performance and revitalize health. 

This information is re-shaping the way we approach wellness, proving that the environment is the key to how our genes express themselves and the way this impacts our overall health and quality of life. 


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Address and fix gut problems.  This comprehensive gut analysis measures the microbiome using advanced metagenomics to get to the source of gut problems.  In this scan, DNA sequencing is used to identify microorganisms in the sample and their impact on health.  Bioinformatics enables the data to be consolidated into a meaningful report with information to address the problem.   

How Our Program Works

We make DNA testing and custom health plans easy and accessible for our clients.

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This non-invasive test requires only a small sample of your hair or fingernails.  We provide a test kit with a return envelope.  To expedite the process, you're welcome to send us your biological sample in a letter envelope.  No special envelope is required. 

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A comprehensive report is produced that will provide vital health details and associated dietary, nutritional, and life-style recommendations to improve your health.  Your report will be emailed to you within 2 business days of receiving your sample. 

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The results contained within your report will identify important nutritional requirements for optimal cell health.  We can design a custom dietary supplement based on your individual needs for optimal health. 

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Due to the many complexities to achieving and maintaining optimum health, we encourage continued customer engagement through lifestyle support, working alongside your healthcare professionals and coaches to achieve your health goals. 


Changing your lifestyle doesn't happen overnight.  We offer informative & personalized services.  Everyone's cellular needs are unique and we believe a holistic approach is the best path to optimizing your health.  You don't have to do it alone.  Our medical experts and health coaches are here for you.


Your privacy is important to us.  These are genuine reviews, but all names have been changed.  All Luminary Wellness clients and their information are protected under HIPAA.


I was diagnosed and treated by my physician for vertigo.  The treatment would work for a few months and then I would get worse.  I then changed doctors in hopes of fixing my problem.  I saw 8 different doctors and specialists over five years, but I became worse to the point where I became dependent on a walker and wheelchair to get around.  This is when I decided to contact Luminary.  They performed a DNA test which showed I did have vertigo, but also a degenerating disease.  I was told to provide the DNA report to my physician for additional testing, which I did.  My physician referred me to a neurologist that confirmed the DNA test for cerebellar ataxia.  The doctor said there is no cure so I asked him if it was safe to follow the treatment information and supplements described in the Luminary DNA report.  The doctor replied "it couldn't hurt" so I bought the nutritional supplement and therapeutic device from Luminary.  It worked amazingly!  Three weeks after doing the Luminary plan, I was able to walk on my own.  After 6 weeks, I was able to drive again.  Something I thought I would never be able to do again.  During my doctors visit, my doctor asked me, "where is your wheelchair and driver"? I replied with a smile that "I don't need them anymore."  My doctor said to keep up my Luminary routine.          


I tried the Luminary service because I was always tired.  I am a firefighter and after about 5 hours into my shift, I would get brain fog and it became hard to focus.  I seemed drained.  My doctor ran all kinds of tests on me, but the results were always normal.  My doctor said there is nothing wrong with me.  I then decided to purchase the whole body genetic test from Luminary and then the power supplement mix based on my DNA results.  That did the trick.  I now have my energy back and feel much better.  Thank you.              


I am 28 years old and have been sick from allergies most of my life.  It seemed like I was at the doctor's office all the time.  They would put me on all kinds of different diets and medications, but nothing was working.  I decided to do an epigenetic test with Luminary.  Aside from the test saying I was gluten intolerant and I had some issues with my nervous system; it turns out I had a fungus and parasite in my body wreaking havoc and my gut was far out of balance.  I followed the plan provided by Luminary and felt the difference within the first week.  Now after 6-months, I am a new person - but I know that I have to stay on their roadmap.  I will be a lifetime client of Luminary.            


I had my son tested because he kept getting in trouble in school and seemed to be on an emotional roller coaster.  The DNA report pointed out some emotional problems and serious nutritional deficiencies.  I first consulted with my son's pediatrician regarding Luminary's recommendations, then purchased the supplements.  It took about 2 weeks to see a difference, but after a month he was so much better.  I didn't believe or understand how nutrition and diet could make such a big difference in someone's personality.                


I am constantly bloated, with gas, and irregular bowel movements.  It just seemed to be getting worse so I decided to do the food intolerance test.  The report mentioned many interesting facts about myself that I didn't realize.  I followed the plan provided to me and bought the recommended supplement.  It worked great.  I get a new test every 3-months to keep me on the right track.                      

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