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A complete full-body integrative DNA epigenetic health analysis, includes food Intolerance, health risks, disease expressions, toxic loads analysis, nutritional levels, and hormone levels.  Includes a live personal consult with a professional holistic health practitioner.  

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This test is available for current Luminary customers that have complete a DNA Epigenetics test within the last 9 months.  The report is the same as the Complete Health Analysis report and allows customer to track their process making adjustments based on data contained within the report. 

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A complete full-body integrative DNA epigenetic health analysis, includes food Intolerance, health risks, disease expressions, toxic loads analysis, nutritional levels, and hormone levels.  Recommendations are provided for optimizing your health.

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Over 80% of people suffer complications from toxin buildup.  These toxins include heavy metals, pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, hormones, food additives, PFASs, and VOCs that can dramatically affect health.  This screen tests for these toxins with a report on natural methods to remove these toxins from the body.      

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DNA GUT ANALYSIS  Address and fix gut problems.  This comprehensive gut analysis measures the microbiome using advanced metagenomics to get to the source of gut problems.  In this scan, DNA sequencing is used to identify microorganisms in the sample and their impact on health.  Bioinformatics enables the data to be consolidated into a meaningful report with information to address the problem.   

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This comprehensive report provides you a list of predisposed food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities, including a detailed list of nutritional deficiencies and the top 50 foods and supplements your body needs for optimal health.   

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Complete DNA Epigenetics integrative health scan for your canine.  With a small sample of hair, we can provide a comprehensive health analysis.  Screen your dog for over 300 different inheritable diseases and traits.  Uncover food intolerances and sensitivities.  Identify the nutritional needs of your pet.

How It Works


When you order any of our Quantum DNA health scanning exams, you automatically become a member of an elite group of individuals in the world of quantum integrated health.  The benefit to you is that your DNA will now be tied to the latest in advanced science-based research providing you vital information for maintaining and improving your health. 


Once you provide your hair sample to unlock your genetic data, you will be given the opportunity to answer survey questions online. Your answers to the questions will allow us to target key health issues amongst the millions of genetic data produced from your DNA hair scan.  

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Why Luminary?

4 Key Points:

Changing How

Genes Express


Understanding Epigenetics.    





Epigenetics Controls Genes.  This is achieved through (a) nature: epigenetics is what determines a cell's specialization (e.g., skin cell, blood cell, hair cell, liver cells, etc.) as a fetus develops into a baby through gene expression (active) or silencing (dormant); and (b) nurture: environmental stimuli can also cause genes to be turned off or turned on.



Epigenetics is Everywhere.  What you eat, where you live, who you interact with, when you sleep, how you exercise, even how fast you age - all of these events eventually cause chemical modifications around the genes that will turn those genes on or off.  Additionally, in certain diseases, such as cancer or Alzheimer's, various genes could be switched into the opposite state, away from the normal/healthy state.  


Epigenetics Makes Us Unique.  Even though we are all human, why do some of us have blonde hair or darker skin?  Why do some of us hate the taste of mushrooms or eggplants?  Why are some of us more sociable than others?  The different combinations of genes that are turned on or off is what makes each one of us unique.  Furthermore, there have been indications that some epigenetic changes can be inherited.


Epigenetics is Reversible.  With two copies, one inherited from each parent, of 20,000+ genes, what will be the result of the different combinations of genes being turned on or off?  The possibilities are enormous! But if we could map every single cause and effect of the different combinations, and if we could reverse the gene's state to keep the good while eliminating the bad... then we could, hypothetically, cure cancer, slow aging, stop obesity, and so much more.  This is the direction of Luminary Wellness.   

Can We Change Our DNA?

When we analyze a person's health at a cellular level, the epigenetics of the person's DNA is of primary importance to us.  While we are born with a specific DNA code that cannot be easily changed, the epigenetics of our genome can actually be changed.  Epigenetics is a persons unique characteristics that develop and change over time after we are born.  Thus why the focus of our health practice.  Using an automobile as  an example, like DNA, it is very difficult to change the design of a car, but it's color, wheels, and broken tail light can all easily be changed and repaired.  The science of epigenetics is based on the items of DNA that can be changed.  Scientifically speaking, Epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off based on environmental changes.  

The relationship between DNA and epigenetics can be best described as follows.  DNA gives the instructions for various functional proteins to be produced inside the cell, and epigenetics provides the specific details of the instructions generated by the DNA.  In other words, Epigenetics affects how genes are read and understood by the cells, and subsequently, whether the cells should produce relevant proteins - which are the building blocks of your body.  Bodily diseases, ailments, and cancer express themselves through epigenetics.  By managing your environment, you have the control to turn these genes off.  Therefore, the science of Epigenetics proves that we do not need to be victims of our genetic inheritance.     


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