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Select the test best for you to start your journey towards optimal health 


FIRST STEP: Select A DNA Epigenetics Screen

Select the Option Best For You

Meal Plan X350.png

"I want to eat better and lose weight"

This DNA scan is designed for people that have selected our nutritional planner program and are interested in meal planning and coaching from our professional nutritionists.  

This comprehensive report provides you a list of predisposed food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities, including a detailed list of nutritional deficiencies and the top 50 foods and supplements your body needs for optimal health. 

Cost   $169.00 

Doctor modern crop X450.png

"I want a complete health analysis"

This DNA scan is designed to give you an integrated, complete health perspective considering every system in your body.  This scan includes a comprehensive analysis of macro and micro nutritional deficiencies and allergies (food and environmental). 

The test screens for pathogens, diseases, parasites, and toxins.  The report is easy to read and provides recommendations based on the findings.  

Cost   $250.00 

Athlete Swim X350.png

"I am an athlete interested in optimizing my performance"

This DNA scan is designed for athletes striving to achieve higher levels of performance while decreasing recovery time.  The scam assesses your ATP capacity, fatigue resistance, recovery factors, inflammatory markers, lactic acid buffering levels, anemic indicators, protein metabolism, D3 fatigue, O2 capacity, hydration level, hormone balance, and much more. 

Use science to achieve your fitness goals!  

Cost   $225.00 

STEP 2: Send Your Hair Sample and then Receive Your Report

Couple reading tablet x350.png
  • After ordering your report, a hair sample collection kit will be mailed to you with a pre-paid return envelop.

  • After our lab receives your sample, the report will be emailed to you, typically within 72 hours of receiving your sample.

  • Based on the Program selected, you can schedule a meeting with your Health Advisor to review the report or your assigned Health Advisor will be in touch with you to begin your program.

STEP 3: Schedule an Appointment