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Luminary, using advanced DNA screening technology, provides valuable preventative health information to optimize the health of its clients.  While clients can select anyone of our services, the following four steps provides the most complete process for achieving optimal health



Complete a DNA Epigenetic Screen

Our Quantum DNA Scanning technology can uncover hidden diseases, ailments, gut & intestinal issues, food intolerance's, hormonal imbalances, and much more.  You can select the screen you wish to receive.   

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Your Road Map to Optimized Health

Based on the results of your epigenetic screen, a road map to optimized health will be emailed to you.  The report will provide you valuable information on natural nutritional changes that you can make to optimize your health and well-being.   

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Personalized Nutrition

We will recommend high-quality nutritional and treatment products to accelerate your progress towards optimized health.  We can even create a customized superfood that addresses the unique nutrient deficiencies identified in your epigenetic report.   

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Lifestyle Support

Our professional health and well-being consultants will first understand your health goals, then strive to help positively navigate you through your journey towards optimized health.         

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