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The women's health class is a comprehensive educational program that provides natural approaches to optimizing a women health by taking advantage of the body's natural ability to heal and regulate itself, rather than relying on medications or invasive procedures.  Women's health is complex due to the unique hormones and biological processes that affect women's bodies. It can be difficult to diagnose and treat conditions that are specific to women, such as hormone imbalances, menopause, PCOS, UTI's, and fertility issues.  This program addresses these issues, as well as optimal nutrition, physical activity, dietary suggestions, stress management, reproductive health, and emotional health.


This educational course will provide valuable insights as to holistic techniques for balancing hormones, increasing energy levels, and managing emotional swings.  


What you will receive when you join this program:


  • Participate in a live session with a leading natural health expert.  Get answers to your questions during this event.
  • Receive personalized holistic information to address your specific health issues and concerns.
  • Receive 6-months subscription to Luminary’s health panel.  This gives you secure access via Luminary’s mobile app to ask questions and live chat with Luminary’s panel of health professionals.
  • Receive a 12-month subscription to Luminary’s Community forum where women can privately collaborate on health issues.    
  • Receive personalized dietary, exercise, and supplementation guidance to optimize your health.
  • You will have access to the recorded live session and other valuable women’s health information. 
  • Get access to advanced in-home health testing and clinical-strength supplementation to assist in your journey to optimal health.


Take charge of your health today!  We look forward to your participation. 

Women's Health Class

$199.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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