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Over 80% of people suffer complications from toxin buildup.  These toxins include heavy metals, pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, hormones, food additives, PFASs, and VOCs that can dramatically affect human health.  This screen tests for these toxins with a report on natural methods to remove these toxins from the body.


Using the latest in advanced RNA Epigenetic Analysis, we look at how toxins affect RNA health and its impact on the overall quality of life.  While other biological serum tests are designed to detect toxins, this test shows how the body is expressing the health risk related to the identified toxins.  Therefore, getting to the root cause of health ailments caused by the toxin.  The most important value of this test is that it includes recommendations with natural remedies for safely removing the toxins from the body.  The treatment recommendations are easy to do and sustainable. 


By providing a small hair sample, our lab can provide a report listing the identified toxins.  Additionally, you will receive recommendations for riding the body of the toxins naturally.  


This toxin screen is designed to empower people with the knowledge to take action regarding their health with the information and guidance necessary to optimize health naturally.  


RNA Epigenetic Toxin Health Test

$200.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price
  • Services begin once Luminary receives the customer's biological hair sample for processing.  Please allow 2-weeks for processing tests once the hair sample is received.  Since this is a health test, all sales are final.  There are no refunds or exchanges allowed.  

  • Once you place your order, a biological sample collection envelope will be sent to you with instructions for providing your hair sample.  The kit will include a self-addressed pre-paid postage envelope for returning the hair sample to our lab for processing. 

    Approximately two weeks later, you will receive an email with your complete test results and recommendations. 

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