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Taking a natural approach to optimizing your health is at your fingertips with Luminary's natural Integrative Health Advisory Service.  We can provide valuable personalized guidance for optimizing your health naturally.  We address common health challenges to chronic diseases, including mental health concerns.  We can be your health advocate providing you valuable health information for taking charge of your health.  


While the internet and social media sites provide a wealth of information, trying to sift through this massive data (contradictory information, in many cases) can be time consuming and very confusing. With Luminary Health, answers to your health questions are personalized to you and provided by experienced professional integrated health practitioners.


We look at the whole body to get to the root of health ailments with natural treatment recommendations that are easy to do and sustainable. We address diet, exercise, mental health, and health treatments for more complex, chronic conditions. Through Luminary's mobile application, you will have immediate access to a natural health practitioner.


The service includes:

  • This program includes up to four family members for 12-months
  • Secure connection to Integrative Health Practitioners via Luminary's mobile application
  • 24/7 chat with a health practitioner feature
  • Personalized health roadmap for optimizing your health naturally
  • Meal journaling for optimizing your diet
  • Online appointment booking
  • Access to clinical-strength supplements and natural herbal remedies
  • Discounts on lab testing, DNA testing, supplementation, health coaching, and additional services as might be needed.


This service is designed to empower people with the knowledge to take action regarding their health with the information and guidance necessary to optimize health naturally.  


Natural Integrative Health Advisory Service - Family Plan

$299.00 Regular Price
$224.25Sale Price
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