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Comprehensive gut analysis for measuring the microbiome using advanced metagenomics.  In this scan, DNA sequencing is used to identify microorganisms in the sample and their impact on health.  Bioinformatics enables the data to be consolidated into a meaningful report.   The report can be used to modify a person's diet to optimize their microbiome health.  


The microbiome has been scientifically shown to be the link to chronic diseases and optimal health. The information contained within the report is valuable to the person undergoing testing, as well as dietitians and health providers responsible for improving the person's health.   


The data in the report is invaluable to optimize microbiome health, identifying harmful parasites and bacteria affecting microbiome quality, and diseases directly related to poor microbiome health.  

DNA Gut Health Analysis

  • Process:  Upon Purchasing this DNA Microbiome Gut Test, a sample collection kit will be sent to you.  The kit will contain all information and materials necessary to collect your sample and mail to our lab.

    Shipping:  The kit comes with a pre-paid shipping envelop for returning the sample directly to the lab. 

    Sample Collection Method: Stool Sample

    Report Delivery Method:  Electronic (email)

    Expected Time to Receive Results: Average processing time is 2-weeks from the time our lab receives the sample.

    Consultation:  This test does not include a consultation with a health practitioner.  If this service is desired, it will need to be purchased separately.  

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