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  • Identify and list health risks

  • Adverse pathogen and parasite identification 

  • Metals and Toxin identification and ranking 

  • Disease and Ailment expression identification

  • Detection of hormonal & emotional imbalances

  • Ideal body intake analysis of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins


Note:  This is an epigenetics test only.  No recommendations or consult is included with this test. 

Complete DNA Health Analysis Report (HPP)

  • Process:  Upon Purchasing this DNA Test, a sample collection kit will be sent to you.  The kit will contain all information and materials necessary to collect your sample and mail to our lab.

    Shipping:  The kit comes with a pre-paid shipping envelop for returning the sample directly to the lab. 

    Sample Collection Method: Hair Sample

    Report Delivery Method:  Electronic (email)

    Expected Time to Receive Results: Within 24-hours Upon Our Lab Receiving Your Sample 

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