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Complete DNA Epigenetics Health Analysis Report for clients that have previously taken the test within the last 9 months.  Ideal for clients interested in tracking their progress.  The report will include all health markers and analysis as provided in your initial test.  


Note:  It is not recommended to complete the retest within 3 months of the prior test.  Due to the prescriptive nature of DNA epigenetics, the greatest value will be achieved after 3 month has lapsed since your prior test.  


Additionally, you will be requested to complete a new DNA Epigenetics Questionnaire.  Upon purchasing this test, a new link will be emailed to you for accessing this questionnaire.  The questionnaire will be completed within the Healthie app. 

DNA Epigenetics Health Analysis Retest

  • Process:  Upon Purchasing this DNA Test, a sample collection kit will be sent to you.  The kit will contain all information and materials necessary to collect your sample and mail to our lab.

    Shipping:  The kit comes with a pre-paid shipping envelop for returning the sample directly to the lab. 

    Sample Collection Method: Hair Sample

    Report Delivery Method:  Electronic (email) & Healthie App

    Expected Time to Receive Results: Within 72-hours Upon Our Lab Receiving Your Sample 

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