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Bodily Toxins

Toxins, both man-made and naturally occurring, can disrupt normal bodily functions and damage organs. They can enter the body through ingestion, inhalation, or absorption through the skin. Once inside our body, toxins can accumulate and overwhelm the body's detoxification pathways, leading to a buildup of harmful substances that can cause fatigue, headaches, brain fog, skin issues, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, respiratory problem, and a weakened immune system.

Depending on the bodily toxin, there are natural methods for cleansing these toxins from the body.  Since there is no single method for removing all toxins, it is critical to complete an epigenetics toxin screen to identify the particular toxin affecting you and then completing the necessary treatment.

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The most comprehensive epigenetics analysis available    


  • Comprehensive RNA epigenetics report listing heavy metals and toxins identified in your body and its associated health risks.

  • Test screens for chemical toxins, heavy metals, foodborne toxins, volatile organic compounds, fluorinated chemicals, environmental pollutants, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, consumer product toxins, and workplace toxins that could impact your health.

  • Based on your results, recommendations will be provided including a treatment plan to naturally remove the toxins. 

  • Sample Collection Method: Hair.  Provide a hair sample for analysis.

  • Typically receive results online within 2-weeks after our lab receives your hair sample.

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Memorial Day Special Price Ends June 10th

Corporate Group Rates Are Available.  We accept HSA/FSA Payments


People Experiencing Any Of the Following Symptoms

  • Getting Sick Often

  • Feeling Tired and Fatigue

  • Problems Managing Weight

  • Restless Poor Quality Sleep

  • Recurring Constipation

  • Gut Problems / Feeling Bloated

  • Irregular burping or Acid Reflux

  • Recurring Diarrhea

  • Irregular Bowel Movements

  • Gut pains

  • Unusual Muscle Weakness

  • Discomfort After Eating

  • Recurring Headaches

  • Concerns over Health Heredity

  • Sexual Health Problems

  • Unusual Change in Vision

  • Joint Pain & Swelling

  • Anxiety, Fatigue, & Stress

  • Uncontrollable Allergies

  • Persistent Inflammation

  • Forgetfulness / Difficulty Concentrating  

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