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We Start with Your Cells

Today, we are all faced with numerous challenges in our fight to maintain optimal health and well-being.  Even in a developed country, as the United States, with incredible advances in medicine, we still find the leading causes of death (Heart Disease, Cancer, Respiratory diseases, Stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and Diabetes) continues to increase.  As we continue to witness a decline in the life expectancy of the U.S. population, we realized that it was necessary to examine health differently.  To simply treat illnesses based on demonstrated symptoms is no longer sufficient; because by the time a person becomes symptomatic, the disease has already taken its toll on the body.  Therefore, Luminary's approach is to optimize health at the cellular level - the core foundation of our life.


Jon Dessel, Ph.D., MBA

President & Founder

Mr. Dessel has an extraordinarily diversified professional background in health, science, operations, and strategy development.  Jon’s interest and passion for humanity have directed his talents toward developing innovative health practices and processes.  Realizing our current healthcare system's broken nature has driven Jon to develop health technology and protocols based on DNA science to improve the quality of health by naturally treating our cells. 


His first health industry venture was the strategic development, organization design, and operational deployment for Genesis HealthCare.  Genesis has now grown to over 500 skilled nursing centers employing over 70 thousand people.  Similarly, Jon became a strategist and board advisor for AFC, expanding this business from 53 clinic locations in the mid-west to over 300 locations throughout the U.S., currently providing services to over 2-million people every year.  Further, Jon has been a strategic advisor to such organizations as Kaiser Permanente, Standard Medical, the U.S. Veterans Administration, Indian Health Services, Loma Linda Medical, and UCLA Medical Center, along with numerous smaller health providing organizations.    


Through it all, Jon has remained dedicated, committed and involved in numerous community-driven endeavors, such as Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Feed the Children (FTC Transportation), Habitat for Humanity, CHOC Children’s Foundation, Orange County Performing Arts Center, Child Abuse Prevention Center, Boys & Girls Clubs, Orangewood Academy, Farm Aid, Save our State Parks Association, and as fundraiser benefit organizer for numerous community recreation and park groups.  His reputation as an empathetic, insightful, action-driven, and visionary leader is supported by his advisory positions with numerous United Nations humanitarian response groups and the many non-profit organizations of which he maintains board positions.


There are plenty of well-minded humanitarians in the world, and no shortage of qualified business leaders. Still, when you combine professional and academic qualifications and experiences, with total dedication to the betterment of the planet, the list of individuals who are truly exceptional at both gets dramatically shorter.  Therefore, Jon knows he is on his true path in life and that what he does -- and leading by example -- is being done for a noble purpose and cause.  By integrating his knowledge of medicine, nutrition, and DNA science, Jon has designed an unprecedented personalized health service affordable by all people to improve and maintain their health.

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