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Genetics - Precision Predictors of Your Health

Updated: Jan 21

The human body is an extremely sophisticated system. We are equipped with an intricate immune defense system that protect us against dangerous pathogens (#immune). But… why is our natural immunity and advanced modern medicine both struggling to keep people alive from the novel coronavirus? (#coronavirus) This shouldn’t be happening in the 21st century, why?

This pandemic has alarmed us that today’s people are not as healthy as we think, despite extensive medical knowledge. We learned that people with chronic disorders such as heart problems, diabetes, and cancer are extremely vulnerable to viral infections. Unfortunately, people with these conditions are 5-10 times more likely to die from the coronavirus (#covid).

It doesn’t matter where you are or how much money you have, chronic diseases are not “diseases of affluence.” We see that even developed countries like the United States that 6 in 10 adults suffer from chronic disease. #health

If the best healthcare can’t make us healthy, what can?

There is no “one size fits all” solution. Each of us has unique genetic makeups, upbringings, cultures and living conditions. These differences mean that we all need different things to thrive.

Some people say that a ketogenic diet (#Keto) high in fats made them healthier, whereas others have found not eating at all (fasting) to be the “game-changer”. Who is right? The reality is that there is no magic pill that works for everyone. In the medical research communi